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What’s new pussycat?

21 Dec

I bet you wonder where I’ve been! No? That’s ok. Somewhere, someone is wondering I’m sure, because I’ve been largely absent from most everywhere except work and home.

Fall 2011 has been busy. And by busy I mean I’m ready to go psycho and murderously stab 2011 until it’s life blood swirls down the drain and out of sight, leaving it pale and lifeless in the bottom of a cheap motel shower…

Too Much?

I haven’t written much here lately because life has been 200% hectic. Work days are frantic attempts to get competing past deadlines completed, home has been racing to fulfill all our commitments and still live up to the standards for family time and togetherness.

Like some insane mix between Martha Stewart and Murphy Brown I insisted on making the shit out of the menu for my work holiday party. Duck Rangoon, samosas in filo dough, mini pork pies, ten types of cookies, and a house as Martha at Christmas as I could manage. The week before we saw three stage productions and a Steelers Game. School concerts, press events, and even right now, last minute breaking news events to pitch to editors and reporters already on holiday.

I’m spent for 2011.

The result, a lack of blogging, a house only clean in the areas which company sees, laundry undone for weeks at at time, Christmas shopping frantically accomplished between phone pitches to reporters (and as of yet still far from done) and generally frantic all around. (I missed a bunch of people on my Christmas card list too, and now have no time, no energy and no motivation to correct it. So if you were expecting a card –Dad– and didn’t get one, sorry.)

I’ve been wanting to post about my adventures in cello making (as in limoncello, pomelocello, clementinecelo, limecello) and Khalua making. I’ve wanted to tell you about the summer preserves in action –Great Grandma’s pickles are fantastic with smokey pulled pork– and the bacon cashew caramel popcorn I made for the party. But I haven’t had time. And now all I really want is to find someone to write about this BIG story for tomorrow so I can close the book on 2011 at work and head to the mall to make sure my kids aren’t really, really pissed off on Christmas morning. Then I just want to lie in bed and read a book until I’m ready to greet 2012 with a roar and a smile.

So I’m not going to worry about posting any more this year. I might even relinquish the making of Christmas dessert to someone else. It’s time for me to recharge my batteries.

So, no end of year giving pitch, no more recipes, no reflection on a year of blogging, no more nothing on Einstein’s Desk for a little while. Happy Holiday’s everyone. Thanks for reading this year!

A friend took this during the party. You can perhaps see that my house storage space is also bursting at the seems.