It ought to be a law

11 Nov

There are some pretty crazy laws on the books! Google it. Apparently it is illegal to:

  • Park or tie an elephant to a parking meter in Florida without paying the parking fee.  Also don’t try to plow a cotton field with one in North Carolina.
  • Also, in nearby Tarentum, it is illegal to tie your horse to a parking meter (I imagine this is true in several PA towns)
  • You cannot have sex with a porcupine in Florida, plus, it’s illegal.
  • Want to drive a camel? Stay off of Nevada Highways and if you want to wear a duck on your head, stay out of Minnesota. (Dammit, there go my holiday plans).
  • In Pennsylvania it’s illegal to have more than 16 women live in the same house — doing so makes it a brothel. (In NY at one time I think the thresh-hold was 8, meaning that in my senior year in college I believe I lived in a brothel!)
  • In New Jersey, it’s illegal for a murderer to wear a bullet-proof vest while committing that crime.

You know what isn’t illegal in Pennsylvania?  Walking away from a child being raped and NOT calling the police.

Aside from the incredible tragedy that took place (over and over and over again) at Penn State and beyond thanks to the monstrous actions of not just the actual rapist but the entire chain of freaking command, I’m left speechless that the only crimes committed were the actual abuse and then lying about it to a grand jury.


I’m always, ALWAYS, the first one to recognize the complexity of situations calling for value judgements.  I can understand the powerful impact that fear has. The fear of physical threat, the fear of not being able to feed ones family, the fear of losing the opportunity to have the one in a million chance to be super rich or super famous or super successful.  Powerful motivator fear, and it can cloud the judgement, it can complicate decisions that seem from the outside clear cut. But we are talking about the RAPE OF A CHILD. We are talking about something that is never, ever, ever, EVER arguably ok. Ever.  Eeeeeever.

So, how is it not illegal to witness this heinous crime, walk away, and NOT CALL THE COPS?  Let’s assume for a minute there are circumstances where direct immediate intervention is ill advised. Like say if I, a middle aged woman, 5″4′ walked in on  a 300 lb boxer or line back raping a child. Immediate intervention might not be prudent. I might want to run from the room while dialing 911 as opposed to yelling “STOP!” I probably would in fact stop it and try to beat the crap out of the rapist, but that would not be smart. So I can understand that direct intervention is not required by law. But I cannot understand that it is legally permissible to walk out of the room, call your dad, tell a boss at work (this mind you has NOTHING TO DO WITH WORK) and be done with it.   Likewise, having been told that someone has raped a child in my workplace, as a boss, how do I call MY superior, and be done with it, with NO legal obligation to do anything else?????  Again, beyond the poor, morally bankrupt choices all these people made, I just don’t understand how the laws of our state allow this. So feel free to ignore child rape all you want Pennsylvania! Just don’t live in a house with 16 women or tie your horse to a parking meter, because then? You’re ass is grass.–Laws


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