Girls shouldn’t have to worry about this….

9 Nov


When I first had the conversation that would lead to On the Spot my daughter was in elementary school. Middle School was closing in, but my understanding of it was limited to MY experience. Since then my daughter has reached middles school and I’ve gotten to see it through a whole new light. Jeeeeeeeez is it worse from this end. Despite the moodiness, I actually enjoy being the parent of a middle schooler. Or I should say I enjoy MY middle school girl. The middle school experience is fraught with pain, all the worse to watch her go through it and not be able to do anything about it except assure her that she will grow up and everything will be better later.

But the experience has renewed my…my what, commitment? No.  Probably my sense of urgency.  My daughter can come home sick with anxiety because of “minor” friend issues. Imagine the distraction caused by inadequate access to feminine hygiene products.  Girls, right here, in OUR city, deal with this every day. There are girls in nearly every school in our region who’s families cannot afford to provide menstrual supplies, or who are in foster care or bouncing between relatives houses, or are homeless and have to worry every month what they will do when they get their period.

This. Is. Wrong.

I cannot stress enough how WRONG this is. Economically disadvantaged kids are already at risk for so many things, they fall behind their peers in school early, and middle school is a critical moment in determining how their future will play out. One more problem, one more issue, one more reason not to go to school today can be a catastrophic event.

We can fix it.

That’s why we started on the spot. We raise money and collect supplies so girls in local middle and high schools don’t have to  worry. (you can find out more, including how we’ve grown and expanded here.)

And we need your help now.

Our next fundraiser is Friday, November 11 from 6:00 TO 8:30 at Howlers (4509 Liberty Avenue, Bloomfield).

We will have our usual Cookie Table and paper bag auction, as well as drink specials and good company.

It is such a little thing, to provide a box of pads to a girl, and it can make such a difference.  And you can do it while drinking a frosty beverage and having fun. How could you not?

I know I’ve written about On the Spot before. But I’m not going to stop talking about it, and hopefully I’ll never stop being affected by the issue as long as it persists.


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