Kick off the Holidays with a good deed

2 Nov

Next week is On the Spot’s fourth event so make sure that’s on your calendar and make sure you save some room in your world to attend.

In the meantime, this week. Along with a bunch of other worthy events (including PIIN’s big Public Action Meeting which I will be attending) is a really awesome fundraiser at one of my favorite bars, Houghs.  CHS Holiday Giving Project Party supports a project I just love. CHS believes no one should be left out on Christmas, and they work to collect gift cards for families and individuals living with a myriad of challenges. Everything from “simple” poverty, to one that hits close to home for many people I know, mental illness.  For folks suffering from MI, the holidays can be a very isolating and lonely time of year. A gift card can help them enjoy a special meal, purchase “luxury” items (new underwear was a favorite purchase last year for many recipients) or provide a gift for a family member or friend.


I’ll be at this event, possibly for a few minutes at the beginning, but definitely at the end after the PIIN Action. I know I’m nowhere near as exciting as Ginny “Pitt Girl” Montanez but come by and have a drink with me anyway. It’s for a cause dear to my heart (I know, I know, there are a LOT of those).


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