Do Good, the Pittsburgh way

29 Sep

Pittsburghers are the reason Pittsburgh is home.  I didn’t grow up here and I don’t have a weird attachment to hilly terrain, but I love this City like the love of my life, and that is largely because of the people. Weird, quirky, down to earth and incredibly kind, I love Pittsburgh.  There are lots of things that make Pittsburghers Pittsburghers.  But next week two Burgh hallmarks will meet like peanut butter and chocolate to make magic:

First, Pittsburghers are always willing, no compelled, to help those who need it. Lost? Burghers will go out of their way to point you in the right direction.  Stuck for a ride? Strangers on twitter will offer to get you to the airport.  In Haiti with Orphans after an Earthquake? Burghers will stop at nothing to get you home.  I understand we have our blind spots and pet projects, but overall, Burghers LIVE to help.  There is something about this City that wont let people rest easy when they know help is needed. Its like the voice of the parish priest/Jewish grandmother/childhood authority figure lives inside everyone’s collective consciousness telling them to put another quarter in the collection plate, shovel your elderly neighbor’s walk and donate your outgrown coat to the family down the street who’s dad just got laid off.

Second? We love a bargain, a super value, a hot deal. Don’t call us cheap, it’s not that, but why would I guy Camembert in the grocery store when I could get it at Penn Mac for half the price per pound??? Its smart. It’s sensible. Its fantastic. Where some places I’ve lived people brag about how expensive their stuff is, in Pittsburgh we like to talk about how cheap it was. “It was on clearance!”  “50% off!”  “Why would anyone throw this away?? It’s perfectly good!”

On Tuesday October 4th the Pittsburgh Foundation brings these two great traditions together for Pittsburgh Gives, Day of Giving. What is it? It’s like the awesome opposite of 25% off. For every dollar you donate to select non profits the Pittsburgh Foundation will donate X amount to the same non profit.  (Amount determined by total amount donated. See here for more info on that.)

So basically for one day you can donate more for less…a bargain! A super value! A HOT DEAL!!!

There are three organizations that will be receiving my donations this year. No surprise, they are Best Buddies, Grow Pittsburgh and the Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank. (I also want to give a shout out and honorable mention to Mon Valley Unemployed Committee and Planned Parenthood of Western PA)


Remember, your donation GROWS. It becomes more. So you can help MORE by donating on Tuesday than you can on Monday or Wednesday.  How can you resist?

Best Buddies Ball 2011

Grow Pittsburgh Edible Schoolyard

Grow Pittsburgh Edible Schoolyard

Waiting in line for food


I’m shilling for three non profits near and dear to my heart, but I encourage you to donate even if these don’t float your boat. There are plenty to choose from.


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