So. Far. Behind.

22 Sep

I am so far behind in blog posts. So far.

I’d feel worse about if I didn’t know that I’m about to be done canning/preserving for the winter months (though I have a few winter projects coming up!) and if I didn’t have


This makes me unreasonably happy. I open the cupboard doors and stare lovingly at it with alarming frequency.  Now its time to eat my way through my summer efforts.

I sighed a happy sigh this morning as I pulled tomato leather (omg you guys, SO GOOD) off my dehydrator trays, packed up some watermelon slices for lunch and ate my breakfast of Peach Jalapeno Jam on toast.

But I’m ahead of myself…where did we leave off? I’m going to go waaaay back and share an old family recipe with you. This is so good, everyone who has tried these has asked for the recipe. This is from my great grandmother, Otis (Ottice? Ottis?) England of West Virgina.  Now its all beginning to make sense, no?

We had a wealth of banana peppers this summer so was excited to use them up any way I could. This old family favorite seemed ideal. I used it for both hot and sweet peppers, and some jars of both together. It is super easy.

Great Grandma’s Pickled Hungarian Hot Peppers



2 Quarts Vinegar
1 Quart Water
2 Cups sugar
1 Tbsp Dry mustard
1 tsp canning salt
garlic cloves
Hot Hungarian peppers, split and deseeded

Mix the sugar and the mustard. (This takes a while to do right, you want all the mustard incorporated into the sugar or it wont mix well into the liquids).

Add to cold liquids and stir until the sugar dissolves.
Pack sterilized quart mason jars with prepared peppers, one clove garlic, and a generous sprig of dill (dill heads gone to seed are ideal, you may want to add some extra dill seeds if you only have the fluffy green parts).


Pour liquid over. Let sit for at least a week.

Keep refrigerated.

(you could process them in a hot water-bath to make them shelf stable but that will affect the texture of the peppers)



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