31 Aug

The widely circulated story on the new offering at the Iowa State Fair, fried butter, was only shocking to those who’ve never been to a country fair. Fried everything is the order of the day. And though the Crawford County fair doesn’t offer fried butter (yet) the panoply of fried goodness is enough to satisfy even the most discerning tastes.

Ok, so the rookie mistake is hoping to try everything.  Last year I wasn’t discerning enough, because let’s face it, even the pros can only eat so much fried deliciousness.

I decided to take it easy, focusing on a few new things and splitting everything with enough folks to allow for more experimentation.

Twinkies? So last year.

This year started with something I’ve never had before….

Here the secret is definitely in the sauce. And this sauce wasn’t very good. A commercial ranch just didn’t really make me love this onion.  A good horseradish dip (or maybe I should have just stuck to catchup) would have been great.  But even if I wasn’t trying to expand my horizons, I’m not sure I’d go back to this.

This plate of goodness includes fried Oreos and a fried snickers bar. The fried Oreos for me are the best fried sweet I’ve had. The bitter chocolate of the cookie is the perfect counter balance to the heavy fat and sweet flavors.  The fried snickers bar, which I thought would be great because of the peanuts, was good, but not great.  The next day we tried the fried Twix which I have to say was better. The cookie in the middle held up really well.

*Yesterday in the grocery store as we passed a premature display of Halloween candy I said to Riley, “ooh, fried butterfingers would be great!”  My wise daughter looked disgusted and pointed out that if she hadn’t been at the fair with me, that would sound really awful.

But the winner, the realio trulio best of the best fried food winner of the fair, and possibly the decade were these:

That’s right. Porktato Fries. PORKTATO. It wins on name alone. But you know what? The execution was even better than the name. Zoooooooooommmmmmmmmmggggggggg these are so goood.

Fries with pulled pork, cheese sauce, bacon, barbeque sauce and sour cream.

And the angels sing.

They had a ton of other ridiculously yummy looking selections, but these had me at porktato.  Maybe next year I’ll branch out and try a different concoction. Or maybe I’ll break with intentions and go back to the porktato. Because after all….PORKTATO. Porktato. It makes me happy just to say it.

And that was it. I missed the fried pickles but one can only eat so much fried food. I was so full of salt and fat after this I needed to go flush out my system…


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