Epic vacation will live in infamy

22 Aug

Apparently, along with a desperate need to preserve EVERYTHING, my mid-life crisis comes complete with a drive to not waste a minute, NOT A MINUTE, of precious fleeting time…

The result was an epic family vacation that will live in infamy. Friends who saw my facebook album reported signs of exauhstion just from viewing the pictures. My family came within a hairs breadth of mutiny on more than one occasion.

This picture was 6 O’clock in the evening on the second day! Wimps.

I also have a catalog of pieces that could be titled teen asleep in car.

Admittedly, I’m tired too this week (soooo sleeeepy) but we did so much I’m happy to pay the price!

It was a perfect vacation for me, a mix of history and foodie tourism.  As another friend noted, she suddenly saw me in a new light, as the “dork mom” dragging her kids to obscure historical sites for a photo op.  Indeed.

Our Itinerary included:

  • 2 days in Gettysburg
  • 2 days in Lancaster County Amish Country
  • Doylestown (where we stayed the rest of the trip but only included that one day of local activities)

Followed by day trips to:

  • New York City
  • Historic Philadelphia
  • Ocean City New Jersey
  • Jim Thorpe PA
  • Foodie Philadelphia

Some highlights:

If you haven’t seen the Cyclorama, it alone is worth the trip to Gettysburg. A 42 foot high mural in the round painted in 1883, it presents a spectacular view of this important battle. If you like art, history, or spectacle, this is for you!  Granted my kids are a little nerdy, but they loved it too.

Did you know more Americans died during the Battle of Gettysburg, proportional to the population, than were killed during the entire Vietnam war?

Did you know more Americans died during the Civil War than during all other wars combined?

Which may be why Gettysburg is awash in monuments. I’d love to know the count. It’s in the hundreds, possibly over 1,000.

It must have been the thing to do in the immediate post war period, raise money to erect a shrine honoring your town’s fallen.

From there we stopped in Lancaster county to buy produce (future post…) learn about the Amish, and eat good country cooking. I gave in to the tired kids and chose the very commercialized (hence e-z for weary travelers) Amish Experience at Plan and Fancy Farm. It was a good choice. We learned a lot about the Amish, I’m pretty sure a direct quote from my daughter was “yay, more learning!”  We took a buggy ride with a very knowledgeable Mennonite guide who knew a lot about the Amish in general as well as in that community. We visited a real working farm (literally an Amish family lives there) and then ate at the Plain and Fancy Farm restaurant, which was terrific.  Don’t be turned off by the commercialization. My friend went to a much less commercial one and learned nothing, leaving with more questions then when she started.  I usually prefer a less commercialized experience, but in this case it worked well

It rarely happens, but after visiting the Italian Market in Philadelphia, I have a little bit of market envy. The strip is still a little more well rounded, but the freshness and array of seafood and veggies, and the price! Oh the price… it made my cheap heart sing to see vibrant bundles of pencil thin asparagus for $.99 in August!

The rest of the trip is a blur of Action!  I’ve taken a week to get this far in the post so I think I’ll just share a few favorite pictures and be done with it.



One Response to “Epic vacation will live in infamy”

  1. Jamie August 23, 2011 at 1:30 am #

    What a fun trip! We were in NYC earlier this summer with Chloe and it was all learin’ and eatin’.

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