Summer Berry Cake

24 Jun

Don’t want to talk about the news. Just want to say that I’m going to need a chutney/marmalade/pickle fridge and a Jelly/preserves cupboard soon if the news continues its trend, and I continue to preserve my sanity by preserving produce. I made Whiskey Bacon Jam last night, and it is pretty spectacular. But first, because I needed to really scrub my soul clean from the day I baked a cake for my family using seasonal produce…

Soul cleansing began by whipping up a little Summer Berry Cake, an adaptation of the Strawberry Summer Cake at my new favorite blog, Smitten Kitchen.

I made it with strait flour (no buckwheat, not for lack of trying, even the Market District Iggle in the Waterfront didn’t have any) and mixed berries.  A spring-form pan ensures easy serving, but you could use any deep dish pan, just butter it well.

All dressed up and ready to bake

 Apparently I have the same problem with food I make as I do with food I order in the restaurant–getting so excited I forget to photograph it before I eat.  You can see I already began to cut myself a piece of this before I remembered to take a pic!  Unlike at Smitten Kitchen, my cake completely enveloped the berries. It’s less spectacular looking than her cake, but its purely aesthetic, I think.

Out of the oven, out of the pan, ready to eat!

This cake was super easy, and super delicious. What a great go to dessert for company in the summer. Its a little heavier than a fruit crumble or cobbler, but also more elegant. I actually went back to the ingredient list several times to see why it was so delicious. I don’t know. Its a very basic cake, nothing fancy, nothing to suggest how yummy its going to be.  Rich and tender it has a bit of a salty taste (I used salted butter) that I think makes it more complex than a simple sponge.

Served with whipped cream (ok,  as you can see its really “redi-whip” out of a can, but it was a work night) for my daughter, I enjoyed it with no embellishment. Rob ate it with whipped cream AND ice cream and loved it!  You can see the berries oozing out of it.

Berries fall out of the sides as it waits for Riley to eat it.

I predict you will see Smitten Kitchen’s name pop up here a lot. Beautiful photography and clearly passionate about fresh food.  I think I’M in love with Smitten Kitchen!


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