The Simple Joy of a Garden

23 Jun

Started with a food post. Devolved into I’M SO ANGRY AT THE INSANITY post. Erased it. Still angry. Still trying to calm down by looking at jelly recipes. Going to post about one of my happy places.  My garden.

We started on mother’s day, with a lot of dirt, 200 egg shells (perk of having a chef in the house) and saved up coffee grounds:

Rob is a little, um, obsessive, maybe even compulsive about his hatred for weeds and unsightly extras in the garden (or anywhere). So I relented and we put down weed fabric.  We moved the herb garden (it apparently didn’t belong with the vegetables) and got a very tidy bed ready for some lucky plants.


We dug some holes with a pole digger, went and bought a bunch of plants…


and Viola!  Garden.

Well, 1/2 a garden. The front yard took  a few more weeks.  That was mother’s day. May…whatever.  Fast forward a month…

We aren’t sure why the zucchini on the left is a monster compared to the one on the right, I think it’s some sort of mutant! A delicious mutant.

Heirloom tomato nestled in the leaves

This year we planted several varieties of tomato, including plum, cherry, heirloom black and yellow, early girls and big boys.

Along with the 2 zucchinis you see, we also planted beets, eggplants, green pepper, red pepper, banana pepper, at least one type of hot pepper, peas, black beans, cantaloupe and watermelon.

Blossoms promise a bountiful harvest

Peas never made the climb, but produced plenty

The steady summer march of ripe berries begins!

I’ll tell you something, I love flowers. Love them. But my preference is for an entirely edible garden. I favor hibiscus and purple cone flowers because you can make those into tea. And I like shrubbery that bears fruit. Currently along with the annual veg we put in we also have perennials that include a grape vine, a growing raspberry patch, a struggling blueberry bush, echinachia (purple cone flowers), lavender (which I harvest and dry for cooking) thyme, oregano, mint, rosemary and sage.

Annd we have a non perennials herb garden that we put in pots on our porch this year in the optimistic hope we’ll bring them in for the winter. There we have dill, basil, fennel, stevia, and tarragon.

Herb pots stand watch over the veggies they will accompany

See? I feel calmer just talking about my garden. I will not think about SB1 or any other foolishness this evening. Instead I’ll head outside in my bare feet with a glass of wine and a bowl in which to put some harvested snap peas.


One Response to “The Simple Joy of a Garden”

  1. Emily Brungo June 24, 2011 at 12:20 pm #

    I’m jealous. This makes me miss having outdoor space. Granted I’ve always been a container gardener, but my last summer in Pgh on my deck I grew 6 different types of Heirloom Tomatoes, lettuce, 4 different types of peppers, and an assortment of herbs. Alas I can’t grow things on my fire escape.

    Everything looks great. Can’t wait to see what you make when you end up with bushels of zucchini. I predict some pickles.

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