Help Local Girls in Need by Drinking Beer and Eating Cookies

19 May

On the Spot* is mine. I started it with my friend Desiree. It is ours.  We both feel passionately about the mission and jumped into this not knowing what we were doing.  I won’t lie, I’m fiercely proud of the project.  In no small part because people have responded so overwhelmingly positively to it.  Two years ago not to many people thought about this problem. Now, at least in Pittsburgh, people know about it. And that is a good thing because knowing is half the way to winning.

So I hope that you will join us on Tuesday for our next fundraiser.  We are out of funds (see the exciting reason why) and really need to resupply (we already have schools asking for resupply and new schools contacting us looking for their first box.)

So join us

May 24th 6:00-9:00p.m. at Hough’s in Greenfield (563 Greenfield Ave)

Aside from general do-gooding, here are compelling reasons to attend:

Hough’s Beer Selection is beyond good

COOKIES!  We always have a banging cookie table! Alix (THE ALIX LEVY) will be contributing baked goods, Desiree has promised gum drop cookies and plenty of other goodies and I’m making Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies, Baklava, BBQ Frito and Chocolate Chunk Cookies, and Ghost Pepper Marshmallow Rice Crispy treats (AND MORE!)

Paper Bag Auction:  For which we have a wine basket, tickets to the Carnegie museum, Tupelo Honey Teas Basket, Gift Certificate from Pittsburgh marshmallow Factory  and more!

So seriously folks, please join us and help out some middle school and high school girls in need. This really is the LAST thing that a kid should have to worry about.

*About On the Spot:

Remember how awkward middle school was?

Imagine you are a seventh grade girl in foster care. Life is all sorts of awkward. For many local girls like this, some days are worse than awkward. For many girls in foster care or unstable family situations suddenly finding yourself in school, with your period, and WITHOUT supplies is an unfortunately regular occasion.

Planned Parenthood workers operating in local schools noted that many girls were relying on office staff for monthly supplies having little to no regular access through home. Generous office workers have been buying supplies out of their own money.

We think we can do better.

That’s where On the Spot comes in.

On the Spot is a  campaign to raise funds to help purchase supplies for local schools to hand out to girls who find themselves unsupplied and ‘on the spot.’


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