Mole Beer FTMFW

18 May

For me food is sensual, emotional, and intellectual. I love clever food; food created by letting go of expectations and conventions.  Food with a sense of humor or playfulness, or that shows adventure, daring and rebellion.  That kind of eating (and drinking) satisfies more than just the palette. It makes me excited, even giddy. That is how I felt when I drank Rogue Chipotle for the first time. The heat that sneaks in on the tale end particularly delighted me. Then. Then I read THIS comment by reader @kevvyg.  He said “blend it with Rogue Chocolate Stout and create a Mole Black and Tan.”


Seriously, how could I NOT try that?  That is the kind of idea that makes me giddy.  I literally planned my Saturday night around this idea!  So I give you Mole Beer, for the MFing win! I took @Kevvyg’s recommendation and went with the Rogue Chocolate Stout as opposed to any other kind.

Of course I tasted them separately to begin. You’ve read my thoughts on Rogue Chipotle Ale. The Chocolate Stout lives up to the Rogue reputation for being a mighty beer with plenty of chocolate notes.

But that isn’t what I was there for, so I mixed together roughly equal parts of each…

The results were, taste-wise, not a whole lot more interesting than the Rogue Chipotle ale was itself.  That isn’t to say it wasn’t spectacular, it was. But I feel like I’d already been blown away by the Chipotle Ale and frankly the Chocolate Stout really muscled out the surprisingly more delicate taste of the Chipotle ale. This may be in part because you get a nose full of chocolate before you even take a sip.  That being said, the smoke is still discernible and you have the same surprise heat at the end that makes the Chipotle my new favorite beer.   I think I would have liked to have tried the Mole beer FIRST, and then its component parts.  Regardless, I would say this brilliant idea held up in its actualization and I am thinking of serving this at my as yet unscheduled taco party.

*Also, never having had a proper Mole, I cannot comment on how the tastes compare, but I think that conceptually this is still so unique, so fun, so exciting, the comparison may be pointless.

*A strong recommendation to Brgr and anyone else with Rogue Chipotle on tap that they think about offering this.  I think it would be a real draw.


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