Blog for Equality Day

9 May

I’ve been working on this post for days, and it keeps going in different directions. There is too much to say.  Maybe I need to blog for equality more often.  But here goes…

Let me start with an observance;  we have come so far.  When I started college, there was not one student who was out. (Let’s not even talk about High School). My second year(ish) a group of courageous students rocked the campus by publishing a special issue of the upstart campus paper declaring the(ir) presence on campus of Gay and Lesbian students.  On the campus of this small, conservative, Liberal Arts school (Union College) in upstate New York it was a shock, though it shouldn’t have been.  But many of us were seriously naive, denial will do that for you.  It’s not like there were no gay and lesbian kids in my HS and College (though until my sophomore year there were no OUT kids).  Its just that there were no gay and lesbian characters on TV, Film, Books, or pretty much anywhere in mainstream pop culture. I know there were role models there if you dug, but the point is only the kids who were desperate for acceptance, desperate for answers, desperate for role models dug.  It made it so easy for strait kids to ignore…or worse.  So for kids struggling with identity issues, or even sure of their identity and struggling for acceptance, they were quite literally pioneers every single time. It must have felt like it had never been done before.

I’m so grateful that this has changed, that there are role models on TV and in movies and generally in pop-culture as well as in “real life.” I’m thrilled that the first wedding my daughter attended was to celebrate two women marrying each other (we just met their new daughter for the first time several weeks ago!!! Joy!).  Her experience and understanding of the world will be MUCH different than mine and my contemporaries.  This is important because ALL children need these role models so that LGBT kids will know they are not alone and strait kids will be allies not bullies.

So, YAY. On Equality day I celebrate my LGBT friends. I celebrate characters like Ricky from My So Called Life (trailblazer!) and Kirk from Glee. I support, celebrate and honor public role models like Bruce Kraus and Sue Kerr.

And then I say Daryl Metcalf and his ilk must be stopped.

The man is a menace to us all.

He has proposed anti immigration law similar to that of AZ.  He has proposed union busting legislation similar to WI. And now there is this latest folly, an amendment to the PA Constitution defining marriage as that between one man and one woman and banning all others:

“Marriage is the legal union of only one man and one woman as husband and wife and no other legal union that is treated as marriage or the substantial equivalent thereof shall be valid or recognized.”

Yes, this is a good idea because loving, stable couples should be discouraged.

It is my friends in same sex relationships that are destroying marriage.

I’m divorced because I saw two lesbians living together and thought “hey, it must be ‘anything goes.’ I think I’ll give up my home, disrupt my children’s lives, and impoverish myself and my children. After all two women(or men) living together as a family brings about the result that marriage no longer holding any meaning according to some bigoted assholes some of my fellow citizens, so fuck it.”

Forgive me, I’m tired. I’ve been working my ass off every day (EVERY DAY) for weeks because corporate American has bought enough elections to cause all hell to break lose at the local, state, and federal level.  We’ve got no jobs. Children go to bed hungry in what brags to be the richest country on earth. Our environment balances on the brink of disaster. The rich are getting (obscenely) richer, everyone else is getting poorer.  And THIS is what one of our State Reps chooses to waste his taxpayer funded time on?

For heavens sake.  Polls show there is not broad support for this.  Its a waste of time and money.

And it is wrong. Just plain wrong.  Of all the threats to families, our “way of life” our country and our economy, two people falling in love, committing to each other and settling down to lead the mundane day in day out life that is, well, LIFE, is, well, NOT a threat.

Sign Equality PA’s Petition

The actual bill can be found here.

And this is CRITICALLY IMPORTANT.  Because it is these remnants of a darker era that illustrate how far we haven’t come. It is these awful, awful people who create an atmosphere where kids committed suicide (KIDS) because they despaired of ever having a “normal” life.  It is better than it was. There is do doubt. But it isn’t good enough. It wont be good enough until it is rare and aberrant for a child to commit suicide because of who they are and who they love.  So on equality day stand with me and let’s do our part to stamp out the hate and intolerance. Not in my state and certainly not in my name.


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