That Steely McBeam has a sense of humor

18 Apr

Shhhh, don’t tell Ginny, but Steely McBeam kind of won me over at the Best Buddies walk this weekend.

I was standing off to the side, alone texting my team for their ETA when I heard a sound behind me.  I turned around and Steely was about 10 yards back, waving and carrying on with some folks off in the distance.

I continued texting.

I heard more sound, closer this time and turned around to see Steely had closed the gap by about half. He was this time looking very purposefully casual. It was clear he was sneaking up on me. Kind of cute.  Granted, it was 8 in the morning on a Saturday, so I was groggy, but I giggled. I turned my back on him again, and got the camera on my phone ready to go.  I sensed he was right behind me so I turned around.  To this…

Yes, that is his hand as he lunges at me. Yes it IS creepy. And yes, I laughed heartily.  It was really funny.

Then I wanted to take a picture of my daughter and her friend with Steely.  They, being middle school girls, rolled their eyes.  He tried to get them to lighten up. He stole Riley’s juice and pretended to drink it.

Nonplussed she was.

They are smiling on the outside, but on the inside, they are too cool for this. Really.

So what does a mascot do?  He makes a farting noise.

Total break in composure.  Awesome! Way to break the composure of middle school girls. Respect.

I am thinking you have to have a sense of humor to be Steely McBeam. He certainly proved that he not only doesn’t take himself too seriously, but he can edit his behavior according to the group and/or individual…(I’m not even going to tell you how group of college girls got him to pose for a picture with that beam!)  So though I don’t think the Steelers really need a mascot, I think Steely–or the guy in the suit at any rate–is a pretty funny guy who is a good addition to public events.


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