18 Apr

I have a new, strange, obsession.


Or, more accurately preserved fruits and vegetables. 

I bought this book as a method of self preservation during a frantic week last week.  I was literally on a conference call (shhh, don’t tell anyone) when I went to the bookstore to find a book on pickles.  The Barnes and Nobles actually had a rather disappointing selection of four books on preserving. I actually had gone looking for a book strictly on pickles, but they didn’t have one (????).

Didn’t matter. This book had me at home cured bacon.  Then they threw in a wine recipe for good measure and the deal was sealed. I merrily bought my book and began dreaming of pickles.

You will be reading a lot about preserving fruits and vegetables this summer–or I will be writing about it anyway.  PreserveIt! included a dizzying array of methods for saving your precious harvest (and slaughter).   As much as I want to make pickles, I actually began with a different method of preservation, one which probably wont surprise you…preserving in alcohol.

Shocked, I know.

My first effort from the book was kumquats preserved in vodka, suggested for serving over bitter chocolate ice cream!  Nom Nom Nom!

The bonus here is that you have two end products, because the vodka becomes a sweet citrus liquor as well!  And it could not have been more simple.  It was simply kumquats, vodka, cardamom pods, and sugar in a sterilized jar.

You let it sit for three months and then viola!

I’m so excited to open my cupboard every day and see these precious little treats just steeping away.

I had really intended to do more this weekend, but I was just toooooooooo tired after last week.  Next I’m planning on making and canning some red onion marmalade.   Though tonight I have pulled pork in the slow cooker and I’m going to make quick pickled apples to go with it on some soft flour tortillas.  I told you, I’m PICKLE CRAZY…shush with the obvious jokes, what are you, 12??


2 Responses to “Pickles!”

  1. Emily Brungo April 19, 2011 at 12:52 pm #

    I *LOVE* pickles and pickled things. Haven’t had the balls to try anything yet aside from simple Chinese pickles. I am looking forward to upcoming pickle posts. After a few recipes, let me know if you recommend that book.

    • Jennifer England April 19, 2011 at 2:17 pm #

      Try those quick pickled apples from the post above. They are delicious. Actually very sweet. They were so effing good on a soft taco with pulled pork and goat cheese. Drool. (Leave off the goat cheese and its like 9 ww points!)

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