I fingerheart Eleven

2 Apr

After the last post I feel like I HAVE to tell you that I love Eleven. Having mentioned that I went there and then not posting a review I don’t want you to think I didn’t like it.  The biggest problem was this:

Delicious soup made with Church Brew Works beer and a salad that was even better…which perhaps you can tell because IT’S ALL GONE.

Fantastic appetizer involving asparagus, poached egg and truffles. It WAS really pretty, before it was nearly ALL GONE.

Half of a Hebi appetizer with edamame and a succulent soy broth.

 Yeah, I didn’t even get a picture of the empty plate from the Entres.  I am a terrible food blogger because I’m just way more interested in eating the food than taking pictures of it or writing notes about it.  

So my Eleven reveiw is basically “Nom Nom Nom! Yinz shoulda been there!” 

I’ll do a better one next time we go.  In the meantime I will tell you I really like Eleven because the food is consistently creative and unfailingly yummy.  I’ve had one dish there I did not like and it was probably a matter of taste. It is a great place for my family because there are a variety of dishes for a variety of tastes.  Salt is off the table for my kids because nearly every dish is a challenge (fine for me and other adventurous eaters) involving offal or some strange ingredient like cox comb–which may in fact be offal. 

There are a wide variety of vegetarian options as well as selections for pretty much every taste.  Eleven is one of our favorite restaurants, though it can be a zoo on occasions like Mother’s day and the wine list is a little pricey.


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