Eating out with Pollyanna

2 Apr

Anyone who knows me knows I’m something of a Pollyanna.  Trust and good will is my starting point. You don’t have to earn my love, you have to lose it. And it’s not that it can’t be lost, but I’d rather assume the best and be proven wrong.  I also prefer to reserve my open criticism for where it might actually do some good in moving us towards a better place.

So it is almost a sure thing that my restaurant reviews will be positive. Not because I like every place I eat, but because I will not post negative reviews.  I know that isn’t helpful when you are wondering if you should avoid places, but I just don’t think I’m the person to tell you NOT to go somewhere. If I have a terrible experience at a restaurant, I’m willing to believe it might have been a bad night. Maybe they were totally in the weeds and we were the table that got shafted.  Maybe they were between chefs, or had a new chef. Maybe the chef just lost a family member and doesn’t have their head in the game. Maybe the server is in the middle of a divorce. Who. Knows. There are so many reasons a good restaurant can have a bad night. Since I am not a professional critic I am under no obligation to share bad experiences. 

If you want to have a person to person conversation about bad restaurant experiences with me, I’d be happy to tell you about the worst meals I’ve had in Pittsburgh (there were some DOOZIES!). But I wont post it.


One Response to “Eating out with Pollyanna”

  1. Frances Monahan April 2, 2011 at 4:03 pm #

    This is wonderful to read. So many people enter into things looking for what is wrong, instead of starting with what’s right. Bad for the soul — and your heart.

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