Shrek the Musical

17 Mar

“I want to go see that” she said, pointing to the poster for Shrek the Musical as we left yet another show I liked a whole lot more than her.


You see, I’ve been trying to make up for my negligence as a parent, which became quite clear 30 seconds into the Ballet “Three Musketeers” in October, when she turned to me and said “Wait, there’s NO TALKING? Like, at all??”

How did my daughter make it to 11 without knowing that?? More importantly, how did I not realize this earlier??

You see my mother made sure to expose me to all the most essential elements of culture.  She thought it was crucial that I at least be familiar with Ballet, Musical theater, dramatic theater (plays), live music, literature, etc.  When we were broke, we went to see a High School production or summer stock. For my 16th birthday we saw Cats on Broadway.

I meant to do this with both my kids, and to some extent shared it with my son.  Unfortunately familial chaos during my daughters early years meant that cultural enrichment took a back seat and she is woefully un enculturated.

My attempts to rectify this have not gone smoothly. She’s not a big fan of the ballet…though she’s been polite, a mother knows. And the first musical I took her to, Madagascar, she was very cool about. (Meanwhile I am now totally addicted to live shows. I’ve been to three ballets, three musicals and a play since October!)

So her WANTING to go see Shrek, well, I had to do it.

We bought nose bleed seats, and I worried I was wasting money on something she didn’t really want to do. Boy was I wrong. It. Was. Fantastic.

She loved it. I loved it. Everyone loved it.  I’m not a theater critic so I don’t think I can really give a review to do it justice. But let me share a few reasons why I think everyone needs to go see it.

  • Funny. For everyone.  Adult jokes slipped over her heads and made me giggle, and we both thought the burp and fart scene was hysterical.
  • Great music. Sometimes it takes me a while to warm up to a musical score. Not this time. There were some real toe tappers.
  • Staging. Spectacular.  Lord Farquad was…well I don’t want to spoil it, but the way they staged that was impressive.  And the Dragon, I wondered if they would skip around it, but they really did the dragon justice.
  • ummm…see this is why I’m not a theater critic. I just want you to go see it for yourself and I promise there is a good chance you will love it.


Something else I am not?  A photographer. I do ok with my little camera or my phone most days. But trying to get a picture of Riley at the theater yesterday was a comedy of errors.  I give you…

A Study in incompetence, a series

As I said.  Talentless. But I can cook. 🙂

–Also, I’m using my daughter’s laptop, and the keys are sticking. So forgive me if there are missing letters.


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