Brazilian Feijoada aka best. meal. evah.

14 Mar

Brazilian Feijoada

I am no @BurghGourmand* so my picture doesn’t really do this culinary masterpiece  justice.


This recipe came from Cooking Light. It’s not spartan with 458 calories a serving, but neither is it horribly bad for you. And the flavor, oh the flavor!  The pleasure this dish brings is worthy of many more fat and calories, so over all it feels like a bargain.

The dish:

  • dried black beans
  • applewood-smoked bacon
  • boneless pork shoulder (Boston butt)
  • bone-in beef short ribs, trimmed
  • smoked ham hock

All that porky goodness is tossed into a slow cooker with a scant few other ingredients and slow cooked all day.   I am not lying when I say I dream of this dish. Slow cooking turns the beans velvety and imbues the entire dish with a mellow, smokey, flavor. It’s not a BAM in your face delicious.It is more of a long hot bath after a day of hard labor kind of delicious.  Its warming, homey, satisfying, comforting and fortifying all at once.

Good god I want to run home and defrost the leftovers and eat them Right the Heck Now.

And again, at 458 calories, you can make it work on pretty much any diet (except vegetarian of course).


On a related note, I’m loving Cooking Light. There is a definite focus on flavor and food that is often missing from “light” recipes.  Last night I made the Provencal Beef Daube and the Chick Pea Chili (which I prepped last night and put in the slow cooker this am) for meals for the week.  Both were featured in the same slow cooker article from this months issue. I’ll let you know how they are, but I’m psyched to have home made wholesome meals for the week ready to go.  Oh, and I made the Crispy Topped Brussels Sprouts and Cauliflower Gratin too a few weeks back. It was luscious as well. The addition of bacon (veggie or real) is a brilliant addition that deepens the flavor and in the end doesn’t add nearly as much fat as it does flavor.

*He takes the prettiest food pics in the Burgh.  Frankly I’m outdone by the mere fact he takes pictures at all.  I guess I’m a piss poor food blogger. I get so excited about making and eating the food I forget to take pictures. Then I realize I want to share the deliciousness but I’ve eaten it all. I’ll try to remember…


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