Teh Google Stalking

1 Mar

I assume you all know that I CAN SEE YOU.  At least, when you come to me by google search, I can see the search term that led you (or someone) to me. It’s pretty cool. Ginny over at That’s Church and my good friend Agent Ska at The Collected Notes of Secret Agent Ska often have WTF moments re google searches. I have been watching mine with bemusement and sometimes confusion for a while and thought I’d share.

The wierdest search, and it just came in over the weekend, has to be “hang this plate near a door” ??????  What led someone to search that?  How was google supposed to know WHICH plate “THIS” was referring to? I feel like it was an older person who just couldn’t quite grasp exactly how to use Teh Google.  Well, when you search again, welcome stranger. Feel free to leave a comment as to what you were actually looking for! Maybe we can help out.

“delicious weeknight dinners” Because the search results for “sucky weeknight dinners” just really didn’t live up to expectations?

“desk comparison of einstien and Obama” Someone has toooo much time on their hands.

“jennie englund blog and einstein’s desk” Old middle school friend?? No one has called me Jenny since 1983. I punch.  And how did they know I have a blog??

In the category of confusing and probably disturbing:

“jennifer england suck” At first I was all “aw man, who thinks I suck?” and “wait, why would I write about my own suck on my blog??” Lightbulb.  I believe this might be referring to the other Jennifer England. Glad my google search didn’t actually turn up what I now think that person was looking for.

“man looking at woman cooking” …probably a fetish, don’t you think?  And what did I saw to draw this googler??

“yellow labs who love human babies” It’s the qualifier “human” that get’s me here.  As opposed to alien babies I suppose. Also, when did I write about either human or alien babies??

“vomit sniffer” Ew. and WTF?

Also  “creeping hangover” and “brussels sprouts hangover.” Teh Google is awesome for letting you know you are not in the least original. Apparently “Creeping hangover” is a thing, and someone else wanted to know if their hangover craving for brussels sprouts had any basis in scientific fact!  (Ok, I am reading that into the search, but I think its a totally reasonable assumption.)

And finally, of course, Steelers related searches.

There are a lot of Steeler related searches.  Some are strait forward, like “yellow lab terrible towel

But there were a handful that I suspect were from gloating Steelers haters.

  • steelers fans react to loss
  • steelers lose super bowl fan reaction
  • steeler fans after loss to packers

This made me think of the reaction by Seahawks and Cardinal fans to their Superbowl losses.  I realize those games were close and in the Seahawks game there were some controversies, but still. The general reaction by Steelers fans that I saw was along the lines of “good game packers, you out played our guys” and/or “thanks for a great season Steelers!  We’ll be back!”  ❤ (I’m sure there were some in Steeler Nation that threw a tantrum, heartbreak is hard. But overall, Go Us!)


2 Responses to “Teh Google Stalking”

  1. Bram R March 17, 2011 at 2:02 am #

    Having just read this post, I remembered suddenly that I have Analytics and decided to check it out.

    Why would over 100 people during the last month have searched for “Cindy Ravenstahl”??? That had never been a popular search term in the past. It was the #2 result over the time period, right after “Pittsburgh Comet”.


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