Will Work For Equality

26 Feb

The phrase, ‘women and children first,’ used to mean [that] in an emergency these groups should be the first ones given the lifeboats to safety,” said Heather Arnet, chief executive of the Women and Girls Foundation. “It did not mean, in a crisis, throw the women and children overboard. But that is exactly what the U.S. House budget does.”

From Thursday’s press conference about the devastation HR 1 (the federal budget passed by the House) will cause.
These past few weeks have seen an unprecedented assault on all that is good in the Government.
From the ACORING of Planned Parenthood, to the assaults on basic rights of workers, its been distressing and depressing.
On the other hand, there’s been this:
And locally, there’s been this:

And this:



And this:


And those are the ones I’ve been to. There were more efforts in Pittsburgh, even MORE in Pennsylvania, AND A WHOLE LOT MORE around the country.

Maybe we are waking up.  Now we just need to make sure we have plenty of THIS.

This is the Sierra Club folks standing shoulder to shoulder with UFCW Local 23 at an event at the Steelworkers building to support Wisconsin State Employees Union and the Wisconsin Education Association Council, among others.

That is how we protect the American dream folks and stop this billionaire funded assault on the middle class.

“If you want to unionize, they call you a communist. But you can buy a Congressman, they just call you a lobbyist.”

–Jasiri X




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