Ye ole booze

23 Feb

I am as susceptible to our national obsession with consumption as the next person.  But, not surprisingly, I like to buy food and beverage and food and beverage related “things.”  So when I go on vacation and am in a mood for prodigious over spending, I tend to buy stuff like these mugs.

I love it because it reminds me of the lovely time I had with my family AND I can use it to consume my favorite morning beverage every day.  (I actually choose my mug for the day based on my mood!)

This is a long winded introduction to this lovely product we drank last night, Blueberry Mead.

I bought it on our pre-vacation vacation in West Virginia (my first time there, it’s an amazing place if you didn’t know) at Tamarack, definitely geared towards the consumer vacationer, but at least it was primarily local products w/ an emphasis on crafts and art.  I of course bought neither but left with bags full of booze and food.

I’ve had mead. It’s faaaaaaaaaabulous. I’m not generally a fan of overly sweet drinks, but the honey flavor of good mead is a unique twist that draws me in.  This was blueberry mead. It could have been a spectacular failure, (think those cloyingly sweet local fruit wines they sell at the PA wine store in the waterfront and station square, *gag*) but it wasn’t.

It was sweet as mead always is, but not syrupy and the layers of flavor were subtle but distinct. Both the honey and the blueberry came through with authenticity.

After we appreciated the mead on its own, someone got the idea to mix it with champagne.

Even better!! It cut the sweetness even more (again, a matter of individual preference, but key for me) and added bubbles. BUBBLES!  I like bubbles. It wasn’t even a great champagne, but the two together were really spectacular. The champagne didn’t obscure the honey and blueberry, but cut the sweetness which made it much more drinkable.  The two empty bottles in my recycling attest to that.

The biggest drawback to getting consumables on vacation is they are often hard to replicate locally. I guess that is their magic, even if I am now wondering if I can make my own blueberry mead, just for this use.


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