19 Feb

I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been a little busy.  And a little distracted. Maybe you’ve noticed, but it seems that lately the country is under attack, and all that is good and holy is being assaulted.

I am frayed. I feel embattled. I feel like crying about 17 times a day. I want to act. I want to scream. I can’t believe the toll this is taking on me personally. I imagine its being replayed across the country too.

Someone emailed me to ask how they could help in the national protests and it took me a minute to figure out which national protest she was talking about; there are an unfortunate number of crises going on right now.

My response, and this post are part answer, part rant, and one relatively good idea which comes at the end…

There are a lot of groups fighting the good fight locally. If you want to help, find the groups working on stuff here and donate time, money or effort.

I think the other thing to remember is that it is probably not a coincidence that these identity issues are under assault at the same time. I’m angry at the assault on unions. Unions are VERY important. But the assault on Planned Parenthood makes me ANGRY. I see red. I feel attacked. It makes me stop worrying for a second about Wisconsin, or Immigration, or Student loans.   Divide and conquer.  But we must, despite the exhaustion despite over extension, despite the panic, WE MUST NOT let ourselves be distracted from all our shared fights. Unions, women, LGBT, immigrants, young people, poor people, people of color, the GOP is coming for us all and they will win if we don’t stand in solidarity.  Together there are MORE of us. Separated, we are “small” “interest groups.”

So what can you do? I don’t know. I wonder that myself every day.  Tweet, facebook, and blog all you can. Get those trends trending. Share petitions. Share exhortations to make phone calls. email all your friends 32 times until they’ve called everyone on every subject. Friend, join and fund the groups who are in the thick of it and answer their calls to actions.

Idea time: Maybe we should have a weekly happy hour to raise money to send to the embattled groups.  $5 (or however much you want) cover charge and send it to WI public unions, planned parenthood, USSA, Enviro groups, etc.  That actually might be a good idea…

Ok, crazy time idea.  We should do the happy hour. AND we should try to find bloggers/tweeters around the company and encourage them to do the same thing. Like drinking liberally except on speed and steroids.

I imagine a lot of us feel both the need to act and helpless. This might let us both use our anger to do something positive and give us the opportunity to be in the company of others who get it. We need to stand together.

Links on WHY this is a crisis, WHY this is an attack, WHY we cant lose.

Unions aren’t to blame for Wisconsin’s budget

1.94 million unplanned pregnancies and 810 abortions prevented because of Planned Parenthood’s family planning services….

Beck falsely claims Planned Parenthood assisting in sex trafficking

Final battle in the war against union’s is under way

There’s more, so much more. But I can only go so far down the rabbit hole at a time.

Until then,



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