Random bits of food…

25 Jan

Er, that doesn’t sound good.  What I mean is little food reviews and thoughts that don’t make an entire post…

1.  Best meatballs eva.

Chef of the house made meatballs over the weekend.  The twist? He stuffed them with duck fat.  DUCK FAT.  OMG. The result wasn’t a greasy center, but instead the most flavorful meat balls I’ve ever had.  (Ok, admitedly its been a long time since I’ve eaten them regularly. But I’ve had them a few times this past year). Hitting the inside of these bad boys resulted in a full body physical reaction of pleasure.  The first one was so surprisingly delightful I felt it to my toes.  I recommend it highly!

2.  Crack

I’m pretty sure the secret ingredient in Starbucks brewed coffee is crack.  Nothing, not even the coffee I brew from Starbucks coffee or even better beans, quite provides the same satisfaction as Starbucks.  I think its the crack.  No other explanation.

On that note however the brewed coffee at Commonplace Coffee in Squirrel Hill is some of the best coffee I’ve had locally.

3. Beer

As part of my bucket attitude last time I went to the beer distributor I steered away from the cases of beer I KNOW I like and looked for a variety case from an unheard of brewery.  My only two criteria were mixed (that reduces the chance of having an entire case of something I hate) and it needed to be priced $35ish or under.  I finally settled on a case of Tommyknocker, a beer out of Colorado.

The promise of Maple Ale set this case apart.  I wish I took notes because I’m afraid the best I can tell you is that the Maple Ale was a fine dark ale, but unremarkable for the maple. The description on their website in fact says:

“A delicate amount of Maple syrup is added to each barrel of our award winning Maple Nut Brown Ale to impart roasted sweetness.”

Too delicate for my tastes. If you are going to use maple, USE MAPLE.

However the winner of the case was their Alpine Glacier.  Again. Wish I took notes.

What I can tell you is that this Lager has an absolutely lovely floral quality from the hops.  It is amazing.  I love hoppy beer, but this really out did itself.  It has an upfront bitter flavor that lets you know its full of hops but the finish is all sunshine, flowers and unicorn poop.  I really enjoyed this lager and wish they sold cases of just this. I’d buy it for sure, and at $33 a case it is a very reasonable buy.


Anyone who is as addicted to flavored seltzer as I am knows that a glitch at the plant resulted in a 4 week long drought of this stuff.  ZOMG it was all out war at my house for the few bottles we scrounged here and there. I happily threw my kids to the side in epic battles for the only bottle in the house.  Step. Off.

Despite the fact that the Greenfield Giant Eagle has NOT gotten the message, the drought is over and stores are again stocking it.  Phew.


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