Women of Steeler Nation, I think we’ve been insulted.

25 Jan

What. The. Effffff?

In case you can’t read that, here it is:

This is from the site allrecipes.com on their “Game Day” page. It links to a page I can only surmise is a subset of ALL recipes, MANTESTEDrecipes.com.  In my world men and women don’t really have gender specific food tastes.  Women worry more about fat, but they like the same foods as men. (I will point out that they might as well just call this the allmeatrecipes.com page)  Beyond that though, as this was linked to my search for a recipe for our superbowl party, I’m offended as both a woman and a Steelers fan.

Women of Steeler Nation, what do you think of this??

It makes me feel like they expect us to cook some nachos for our man then retire to the living room to knit while the game is on, only pausing to bring him a brewski or refill his chili bowl.

Um, no.

First off, what is this 1952?

And being that the Steelers are going to the Super Bowl, this seems like a particularly bad time to have up such a ridiculous tab.  Steelers lead the NFL in female fans. (That’s an old link, but I doubt it changed in two years.) Oh SNAP!  This article from 2007 says that the Steelers and Packers lead the NFL in female fans.  Jersey most often purchased by women? You guessed it, our very own #43, Troy Polamalu.


So really, they are risking their core audience for this page right now, women (and men) of Steeler Nation (and those Packers fans too) who are cooking for the big game. Dumb.

And finally, I don’t even know what to say to the sexual innuendo there.  Not that sex and football don’t go together. But to imply either that a.  women’s sole role in football is to cook during the game and sexually satisfy after or b. that women are jealous of their man’s attention to football and should use food like they use sex to distract them from what they want to pay attention to?  Well, as my friend Roxanne would say,  that’s some bull shit right there.

I sent them a little note to express my displeasure. You can do so using their online form or you can email them at  CustomerSupport@allrecipes.com


One Response to “Women of Steeler Nation, I think we’ve been insulted.”

  1. Amadi January 25, 2011 at 11:19 pm #

    Ah, the constant irritation of gendering, intersecting with sports fandom and home cooking. This is the same “oh, women don’t like football” mindset that created that ridiculous phenomenon of the pink jerseys with just the insignia of the teams, because women girls aren’t real fans, so it’s okay to ghettoize us into pink, not our team colors. It’s all, as you put it, “some bullshit.” Good looking out, Jen. A note of disgust has been sent.

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