20 Jan

For those of you that don’t live in Pittsburgh, Playoff time is like Christmas. Instead of green and red, the town (including the Terrible Tree) is drenched in black and gold. There are songs too. I heard someone say they were sick of the old “Here We Go” and that the new lyrics didn’t help (though note this version still has Skippy Skeeve…er Jeff Reed in it).  I don’t know, its kind of like “White Christmas.” Sure you’ve heard it 1000 times, but it just wouldn’t be the season without it.   One other thing, and this may be true of other fan bases, I don’t know, but…

Steelers fans are a superstitious lot. Steeler Nation knows it plays a part in every win/loss.

(Steelers fans, leave a comment and tell me about your lucky routine)

Read the description by the blogger formerly known as Pittgirl of her family’s reaction to the start of the last Steelers game for a hysterical example.  (I’ll wait, but please come back, I know she’s awesome so don’t get lost over there.)

<–Superbowl XLII at my house.

So a few days before the playoff game against the ravens last week I get a gchat from my friend Lou saying “What are you doing for the game, I feel like your house is good playoff luck.”

Having watched not just Superbowl XLII but also the playoffs at my house, he decided that we should gather again.  We, like other Steelers fans, are quite superstitious.

  • I have a terrible towel that has been bedazzeled and it’s good luck.  I know this because the year we turned it around and made it to the game prior to the AFC championship, my daughter had bedazzeled the towel the week things turned around.  She only got on a few before I caught her and stopped it, but it apparently was enough.  Once I thought I lost it.  It wasn’t pretty.
  • Agent Ska often comes for games. She informed us after the last game that she had stopped looking at the TV at half time and started staring at the floor.  She’ll be back at my house this weekend, staring at the floor.
  • During XLII (remember, that was a nail biter?) We tried to adjust the mojo a few times.
  • Tony kept his Terrible towel on his head the whole time.
  • I found that standing near the door to the kitchen was a good spot for me.
  • My son (correctly) refused to put on any black and gold because he hadn’t worn any the whole season.
  • At one point we started the Terrible Triangle, or something like that:

We hoped to harness some ancient aztec mojo or something I guess.

It didn’t work.  Which we clearly forgot because we tried it again:

It didn’t work this time either.

We will be gathering at my house this Sunday as well.  But I’m not going to talk about why. Or make predictions. Because I am superstitious that way. All I’ll say is I’m nervous, excited, thrilled, nauseous, anxious, and all sorts of hyped up this week.

But I do love playoff weeks in Pittsburgh. There is nothing like the fervor of this city during playoffs. I’ve been listening to sports radio in the car. Planning my black and gold wearing strategy. Thinking about playoff food. And trying not to vomit.

Here are two more great musical tributes to the black and gold!  The first by my friend the beautiful and talented Kelly Maize. And the second is a tribute to the fantastic Mike Wallace to the toon of Black and Yellow (double win!).  One local blog is having a contest to pic the fan favorite or you can go over to WTAE and see a growing list of fan songs.


One Response to “Superstition”

  1. Carol Hilty January 20, 2011 at 7:30 pm #

    Can’t they just win because they are awesomely good?! I am an avid sports fan(buried in March madness each year!), but I am lost on the superstitions… I guess I don’t know enough to understand it. I appreciate you trying though, for those of us on the outside looking in at this madness. I am NOT passing judgment – and believe me, Pittsburgh fans have THE MOST fun…I hope they ROCK and go all the way to the Super Bowl. Us outsiders love to watch you all (I almost said YINZ) have a blast with this! Go Steelers!

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