Black mutt, Yellow lab…n’at

12 Jan

People (and by people I mean me and everyone I know both IRL and on twitter/burgosphere) love Pittsburgh.  LOVE it.  Like…L.O.V.E. it.

The closest thing I can compare it to, for those of you not privy to the passion, is patriotism.  Black and Gold is the red, white, and blue of this city. Even folks who aren’t particularly patriotic will fly the black and gold flag, hang a terrible towel in their living room year round, but black and gold ribbons on their cars, drop yinz into conversation–not with irony but with affection, and defend take an luke warm review of Primanti Brothers as a fighting offense.   Even people lucky enough to make the “big time” in NYC yearn to move back to Pittsburgh.  It’s probably all the heavy metals in the water from years of industrial pollution making us all a special kind of crazy, but i wouldn’t have it any other way.

That’s why I laugh when people think this song is code for something other than love for Pittsburgh.

It possibly carries double meaning, but no one from* here doubts that love for this city could inspire an artist to wander away from his favorite green subject and on over to black and gold.

So make no mistake that our dogs colors are not random…

We started with just a yellow lab. But after the last super bowl…(I guess there have been others, but yinz know which super bowl I mean!) I decided that if we got another dog, it needed to be black so that we had black and yellow dogs.

As you see, we did, and now do, have black and yellow dogs.

See…this is THE Super Bowl with the yellow dog.

I love my dogs. Adorable.

Milo, the black one, is an aggressive cuddler.  He needs to be as close as possible to any living creature around.  If Frisco, big yellow, is next to a human, Milo will actually sit ON Frisco.

There is no point to this post. Just GO STEELERS! And I love my stupid dogs a stupid lot. Especially considering the list of things they’ve destroyed:

  • Too many pairs of shoes to count
  • Three sweaters, pulled with little claws
  • 5 sheets ripped while stretching lazily
  • One lap top fried w a knocked over cup of coffee
  • Another lap top w/ keys chewed off
  • Leather sofa–shredded
  • Leather love seat–shredded
  • Leather Chair–shredded
  • Three formal dining room chairs broken
  • Innumerable cups, plates, and bowls shattered
  • A cast iron skillet shattered (really, its true)
  • Blackberry–chewed up
  • Small cell phone–chewed up
  • Probably a dozen wooden spoons or wooden handled utensils chewed
  • What else? I’m sure there are plenty of things but that is what comes to mind.

*I’m not from Pittsburgh, I was born and raised in Eastern PA.  But my parents are from Pittsburgh and I think it either skipped a generation or its more like a virus that infects you if you spend enough time here.  Having been here since 1994, birthed one of my kids here, raised both, gone through one marriage and several careers, this is home to me and I will consider any besmirchment of this fair ‘burgh a glove on the ground.


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