Best Christmas Present I Ever Recieved

3 Jan

From my 19 year old son.

To say his teen years have been challenging would be a bit of an understatement.  Still, he is one of the great loves of my life. I adore him. He is very kind, but not very nice.  Extraordinarily witty but not very patient with family time at this juncture.  This gesture wasn’t completely out of the character I believe he has, but a little beyond the character he typically displays to me these days.

He, along with the rest of my immediate family have been mocking my three+ year old* decrepit blackberry for ever.  But it still worked and getting a new phone for me is at the bottom of my “things we need to spend money on.”  This despite the fact that I make my living on the phone/email.  There is always a kid who needs a bus pass/shoes/project board for school/new jeans/ski trip money/food etc.  That’s on top of office and home expenses.

So as my charger died and my phone limped toward 2011 I had every intention of toughing it out for another few months, or as long as possible with my old phone. But my dear, employed son had other ideas and left that note and $100 on my nightstand sometime after 1 am Dec. 22.  As I woke up at 6 am to beat the crowds to the strip (I did not beat them) I found this gift.  The best present I ever received.  Even his little sister acknowledged it was uncharacteristically sweet and thoughtful.

Now I own a swanky new HTC Evo.  Totally awesome. Totally Hawt. Totally the BEST PHONE ON THE MARKET (s0 says one tech guru or another).  But what I love most about it isn’t the AWESOME PHONE, but this note;



The fact that for once, as a single mother, I got taken care of, without asking, expecting, or even imagining;

And that maybe, just maybe, this is a sign of parenting well done.


*that is 162 in phone years, apparently.


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