Hangover food

31 Dec

Epicurious has the scientific explanation for why you wake up after a night on the town and immediately start craving certain foods.  Turns out your body knows what its doing when it starts those cravings.  The article lists eggs, pancakes, bacon, and bananas, and chocolate as five foods full of what your hungover body needs.  Looking at this list of foods and the reasons they help explain my hangover cravings, though I think sometimes I misidentify the urge.  My Top Ten Hangover Cure Countdown:

10.  Mexi Casa Queso dip.  I once had to drive my daughter to a friends house in Upper St. Claire. I woke up with a creeping hangover, meaning I felt ok when I woke up but by the time I dropped her off and headed home, I thought I was going to die.  I stopped at Mexi Casa and got some of this dip to eat at home. But the enticing smell and the insistent hangover resulted in me eating all of it in the car as I drove down Liberty Ave, through the Liberty tubes, and on the parkway.  By the time I got home both me and the steering wheel were covered in queso dip and my hangover had abated  a little.

9.  Cambodican Sea food won tons.  Oh man, if we manage to order enough to have some left over the next day, these are wonderful heated up (or cold) to keep the hangover gods at bay.

8.  Bloody mary and smoked salmon with cream cheese, capers, and toast points. (Yes, I crave fancy brunch food and the hair of the dog)

7.  Whatever is left in the house from the party that got me hungover (see 6).  I often wake up craving whatever I was eating the night before. Including New Years Eve 2008/2009 when I woke up craving Brussels Sprouts.

6.  Cheese, bread and olives. (probably left over from the hangover inducing event but I will independently crave this sometimes)

5.  French Fries, preferably loaded.

4.  Pamelas Pancakes and Lyonaisse Potatoes.  One of my favorite non hangover foods, the sweetness of the pancakes is a little hit and miss for me on a hangover.

3. Quiet Storm Home Fries.  Potatoes, eggs, aoli, fake sausage, its all there.

2. Cheese and Egg sandwich, with fake or real meat, on anything.  Can be made at home and obtained almost anywhere. My hangover cravings are nothing if not practical.

1. Alka seltzer.  Ok, its not a food, but without it, the staying power of cravings 2-10 is dubious, so it earns a top spot on my hangover cure menu.

So what are your hangover favorites?


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