Cooking with Booze-Infused Spirits

28 Dec

Ok, enough with the debate, it’s time for a topic we can all get behind!  Cooking with Booze!

I appreciate a good theme, and without intention, cooking with booze sort of became the theme of this holiday. From the gifts I gave to the food we ate, booze saturated the landscape.   A few years ago I had made lemoncello a few years ago and it was delicious, but I like to try new things. So I went looking for other recipes/how-toos on flavored booze.  The first thing I found was infused vodka instructions, which is great, because I love infused vodka.  So I decided to infuse some Vodka for one of my closest friends who also appreciates good and weird food.

The instructions included a lot of options but the three I settled on were:

Two Pepper and Garlic, Blueberry Vanilla, and Rosemary

The Rosemary is out of the jar because it was on the verge of funky.

Now I’m not a fan of overly spicy food, but this two pepper garlic vodka is hella good. It packs quite a kick. My lips were burning for a few minutes after just a sip, but the finish is surprisingly garlicky.  I wasn’t sure the garlic would stand up to the jalapeno and black pepper, but it did.  This vodka, along with the rosemary would make a great Bloody Mary. I also think the rosemary would make a wonderful martini with savory hints.

The blueberry vanilla vodka was more vanilla than blueberry. I’m nut sure how to get the blueberries to be more prominent. Perhaps removing the vanilla after a few days and leaving the blueberries longer. I think that will be the issue with other double/triple infusions as well.

The real win of the process though was the suggestion to infuse other spirits.  Bourbon, rum, and TEQUILA!   You can be sure that tequila is on my list to try.  But I have a friend who is a fan of bourbon and she deserved a pick me up this Christmas so I decided to try to make:

Blueberry Vanilla Bourbon

Bourbon and vanilla is a heavenly combination!

Again, the blueberries didn’t come through the way I had hoped. BUT, the bourbon infused the blueberries beautifully. She’s lucky she got any blueberries at all on Christmas day. Bourbon Blueberries might be a new favorite food!

NEXT UP:  I am going to get some rum to infuse, but I haven’t decided with what.  One idea I had was to add cloves, Cinnamon, star anise, cardamom and maybe apple.  Another recommendation I saw was to infuse it with tea.  I love Earl Gray, so maybe some Earl Gray Rum.  Also, I’m going to make some vodka for home. Maybe another Bloody Mary mix, but with a little less kick.  Basil? That’s a possibility.  And of course Tequilla is on deck…but not just yet. The price of tequila makes it a little out of reach for experimentation right now.

I’d love to hear about other’s experiments with infusing spirits, especially things I haven’t thought of.


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