22 Dec

There is something I should tell you before we get started on the food blogging.

I’m a vegetarian and I eat a lot of pork.

Let me explain.  I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 19.  The reasons have fluctuated over the years encompassing most if not all of the reasons people are vegetarians.

It’s better for the planet. (More recent discussions of planetary benefits can also be found watching Food Inc. and that other movie…umm…crap.  This happens a lot.  You know, it came out last year. I saw it at E2 in Highland Park when GROW Pittsburgh sponsored a showing….)

Factory farming is unbearably cruel to Animals. Reading Diet for a New America by John Roberts in College cemented that in my consciousness forever.

Its better for our health.  And so on, and so on.

I’ve raised my kids vegetarian, I fully support a vegetarian diet, it’s who I am.

But, you are saying, I eat pork. How can that be???

Well, I am a vegetarian the way some of my friends are Catholic.  Culturally, spiritually, sometimes in practice.  But Mass is on Sunday and the week is long.  And I. Love. Pork.  I do.  I had forgotten how much I love pork.

More to the point, and without going through the evolution of my vegan/vegetarian/pescatarian/vegetarianismasagoal evolution, as someone with a lust for food and for life experience I don’t want to miss out on the full food experience.

My sins range from tasting my dining companion’s foi gras, to ordering a meat dish at a restaurant, to greedily eating most of a pork shoulder that I lovingly prepared and smoked in a two day process.

So, with that said, remember, I AM a VEGETARIAN, I just say a lot of Hail Marys and spend a great deal of time in the confessional box inside my head.

*I hope this doesn’t offend the many diligent and sincere Catholics out there. It isn’t meant to make light of your faith. It’s just the best analogy I can think of to explain, while pork juice dribbles down my chin, how I can still consider myself a vegetarian.


4 Responses to “Vegetarian”

  1. Jamie December 22, 2010 at 3:21 pm #

    I always describe myself as a non-practicing vegetarian.

  2. Incredulous Real Vegetarian December 26, 2010 at 7:10 pm #

    Vegetarians are people who don’t eat meat — even when they really, really want to. We have content-independent reasons to stick to a vegetarian diet. Not eating meat you don’t want too badly and eating pork because you love it is having a content-dependent attitude toward meat, deciding whether or not to eat it on a case-by-case basis. Avoiding meat much of the time but not all of the time, regardless of your reasons for avoiding it when you do, is NOT vegetarianism. You preemptively apologize to Catholics, but not to vegetarians? You are ignorant with respect to vegetarianism, and intelllectually superficial. You also capitalize words arbitrarily.


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    […] had my first hater… A “REAL” vegetarian who took offense to my post on vegetarianism.  Not 24 hours […]

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